Christmas Show 2016

Dates of the show will be Saturday November 26th to Dec 23rd. This will be the greatest Christmas ever… that’s what we must tell ourselves because Christmas seems to happen in your own mind and you enjoy it just as much as you think you’re enjoying it! We will be doing our best with The Christmas Show…Mary Rose will be presenting a selection of work including all her latest designs... Poinsettias, Christmas Tree Vases, Golden Vintage Floral and Polka Dot Rose. There will also be a new 3 Station Chandelier to dazzle you along with another 6 station piece with roses as the candleholders. It is a wonderful opportunity to see a snapshot of a truly great artist's work "in progress" and gives an opportunity to colour up your Christmas with a special piece of pottery

Let your fingers do the walking

Even though we believe that everything we do is perfect in every way, improvements are apparently possible!  To this end there is a new Online Mary Rose Shop slowly becoming populated with pieces. It’s more “clean” (as website savvy people say) and by that I think they mean responsive and fast and on a boring white background. The bonuses will be more images shown of each piece and you can now see the designs under the heading “Collections” and click on, say, “Zebra” and see all the zebra pieces grouped together. Unfortunately you still have to pay for them but just go and have a look anyway and if you do have any opinion about it please tell me!

The Bewitch of The West

This Locally based arts magazine will feature a “front cover article” about Mary Rose in its very next issue (November 11th)Issue 2.  It’s a free magazine dedicated to featuring artists and exhibitions in this “West” area and seems like a wonderful addition to the nation’s roster of publications. I don’t really know quite how creative this South Western area of Britain is, because I haven’t got any point of reference. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Western Europe isn’t really in its “Golden Age” or would that be unfair? Anyway the magazine can be collected from various places and if you’d like to see it but are out of area maybe email me and I’ll help you out.

Oh Christmas Tree.... Vase

We don’t need to ask if Mary Rose is creative of course. The idea of making a Christmas Tree Vase may sound as logical as making a cake for somebody’s birthday but the actual realization of an idea like that is never straightforward at all. Concepts like “proportion” and an element of “fun” or “beauty” are the ingredients that set an artist apart, and didn’t she do amazingly well with these pieces? All of her decorative motifs – jewels, dots, candy sticks – are just what you need to decorate a tree. Just like we reach into the airing cupboard for our dormant box of decorations, she can reach within for her virtual cardboard carton!


And Glory Shone Around

Mary Rose has a poinsettia design this year. The Poinsettia is a Mexican flower that has become a symbol of Christmas, allegedly because a poor Mexican girl in the 16th Century had no money to give Jesus a gift and was reduced to spreading weeds at the altar instead. But overnight these weeds became beautiful red flowers and the tradition began. Turkey doesn’t really get into the spirit because they call it The Ataturk Flower. So in the interests of tolerance this is also The Ataturk Design!  I think the challenge was to delineate the flower successfully… the long thin petals needed something to help them stand out from the background and so Mary Rose employed not just gold and black painted lines but a scratched-in white line just inside the edge of the flower. The colours are glorious.

Fancy taking a Elfie?



And just to round off Mary Rose's unusually bulging sack of Christmas themed pottery we have Elf Egg Cups.... another wonderful way of decorating this most fairy tale piece of Mary Rose's. You may have heard of "Elf on The Shelf", whereby a family adopts an elf and places him in the home leading up to Christmas so that he can spy on the children and report to good old Santa if they have been good enough to receive any presents? Well this piece would make the most perfect candidate for your Christmas Spy... because he doesn't have any eyes!