Christmas Exhibition 2016

Christmas is coming… the goose is getting just a little nervous… and The Mary Rose Young Christmas Show starts this Saturday at 11am. There’s a beautiful white Christmas Tree in the gallery and we’ve been working hard making all the exquisite pieces that will comprise the exhibition … we can’t wait for you to see them. There are Elf Egg Cups, Robin Encrusted bowls and mugs (see below) Poinsettia mugs, dishes and a platter, Hand Built Ceramic Christmas Trees, Jewelled Candle jars and the new shorter beaded candlesticks. There will also be 2017 Calendars (see below). We will open at 11am on weekends and from 9am during the week.

The North Wind Doth Blow

And what will poor Robin do then poor thing? Well he may just sit in a barn or he could elect to sit on the edge of a beautiful bowl surrounded by roses. This Robin Encrusted Bowl is a lovely spontaneous seasonal offering from the hands of Mary Rose. Hardly surprisingly she hasn’t restricted herself to the brown and red colours that most Christmas card artists default to…instead her robins are like one of those dream sequences in a movie where everybody has taken LSD…and in their simple shape lies an aching wistfulness that would be hard to describe.  I think it also gives the design a versatility that transcends Christmas.

We have a 2017 Calendar

Our mobile phones have slyly taken over from so many little items we used to treasure… our cameras, our calculators, our little books of names and addresses. But there’s something about seeing the whole month ahead stuck up on the wall that Apple just cannot replace. And if you haven’t got your kitchen calendar yet, there’s a Mary Rose Young Calendar this year that is bursting with colour and energy that’ll make the boring dentists’ appointments and plumbers’ visits that you’ll inevitably write down somehow fun, even legendary. There are 12 of her pastels as the principle pictures, many of them created within the last 3 months, and a little photograph of a piece of her pottery alongside

The Cirencester March Hare Festival 2017


You may remember that a couple of years ago Mary Rose was commissioned to decorate this Giant 5 ft high Hare for the Cirencester Summer Hare Festival. It was of course a clever way of showcasing the skills of  many decorative artists, as each was given the same blank canvas – a fibre glass hare sculpture to decorate in their own style. The comparative style of each artist and their particular approach became the focus, as visitors could tour the hares at their various locations. So in March 2017 there will be a second coming of the Festival. Altogether 30 hares will be distributed around the Cotswolds and Mary Rose Young has been invited to decorate one of them again. Hers will be displayed in Rangeworthy as she is being sponsored by The Rose and Crown there. The festival’s website is here.


Let There Be Light

Mary Rose has been invited to switch on the Christmas Lights in Lydney this weekend, which is really nice. Lydney is of course where she went to school, where she lived in the 1970s, where her swimming pool is, and where many of her pastels’ locations are to be found. If you might be interested in coming along she’s due to be on stage with the mayor and probably Father Christmas at the salubrious location of “The Car Wash opposite the Co-op” at 6pm this Saturday 26th November. I suspect that the jolly bearded man in red may feel a fraction under dressed next to Mary Rose!