Mary Rose’s Diamond Jubliee

Sixty years ago this June 14th our artist was born in Uxbridge, and so Mary Rose’s birthday is only about 4 weeks away. Ten tears ago she made 50 pieces to commemorate her fiftieth birthday, now she will make 60 pieces for her sixtieth, each one carrying a message to indelibly tie it to this personal milestone. She is planning the pieces at the moment, and she says that she’ll make a series of significant pieces that are a snapshot of her work now in mid 2018. We will release another newsletter at the end of this month to give a clearer idea of what her birthday exhibition will comprise.

Through the Looking Glass

Mary Rose’s Flower Encrusted Mirror is 3ft high and 2ft wide. It has all the elements that make her work so magical and unique. The ceramic flowers have deep vivid shades and seem to be positioned randomly…but of course they’re not.  Everybody’s fervent hope when we look into a mirror is that we’ll like what we see… and with this piece your reflected image is automatically transported to a land of fairy tales and fantasy where you are the fairest of them all. You will like what you see with this mirror.

A Faddle with No Fiddle

As human beings become increasingly solitary animals who do everything online it’s great that there are still determined traders who want to set up market stalls and peddle their wares to people… who are walking by looking at their phones. The Faddle Fair in our local town Coleford turned St Johns Street into Portobello Road for a day and through its publicity and thanks to a beautiful day’s weather it made Street Trading exciting again. It was opened with the cutting of a ribbon and the organisers were kind enough to ask Mary Rose to do the honours… here she is. The next Faddle Fair will be on the August bank Holiday Sunday.

A fine and subtle spirit dwells in every little flower

Every May the bluebells come back. In a small isolated display a bluebell is not a particularly beautiful bloom, but when you stand back and see thousands of them colouring in the gaps between tree trunks and branches the sight always lifts you. The South of France has its Sunflowers. the Fields of Flanders their poppies, and the Forest of Dean, well at least it has something. It’s no surprise that Mary Rose chose to dedicate a piece to these lazy spring days when sightseers leave their cars strewn at the sides of the roads in among the endless stretch of azure….if you're a Bluebell Mam'selle (or man) this Rose Encrusted Vase will extend your High Season by approximately 48 weeks

The Hattem Bomb

A new customer from The Netherlands is the flamboyant Optician Gudo Oogmode. Mary Rose has recently made a set of stunning large vases for him and a quick look at his Instagram page reveals that his 20/20 vision enables him to take fascinating photos. He comes from the land famous for its tulips and so who better to show some off in a Mary Rose Vase than Gudo? Here is his Mary Rose Encrusted Large Vase in her Black and White Patchwork design with Tulips. Eerbied Gudo! Incidentally his Store is in the Central Netherlands in the town of Hattem

The Pastel Shades of Summer

Mary Rose has recently been inspired to explore the demure, and to rework some of her favourite designs with paler shades. The results exhibit subtler touches of beauty that the eye doesn’t always catch when the colours are more brash and demanding. On the left is the design “Pastel Stripes” that was never particularly pastel at all….until now, so I suppose we will call this Pastel Pastel Stripes? On the right is a collection of her typically “Block Roses” in pinks lilacs and blues separated with the green of the occasional leaf….Pale Block Rose?

Living Next Door to Mary Rose

Mary Rose’s neighbour Sheila is moving. She has been the most wonderful presence in all our lives ever since Mary Rose arrived here maybe 30 years ago. Having a crazy artist whose tastes range from the psychedelic to psychotic living within 20 yards of you, and whose constant stream of visitors march forever like a line of rainbow ants, would try many peoples’ patience. A Hollywood comedy would have the neighbour scheming desperately to disrupt the flow of colour. But not Sheila…without her, things may have been so different. She is marketing her property through local estate agents, but the sign is hard to spot from the road, and now at least everybody who reads this newsletter will also know that an opportunity exists to live right next door to one of the Seventy Wonders of The World!


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