We're Selling the Treasured Family China

We have cleared out our unit in Whitecroft….it was about time. We took a lot of stuff to the tip, but in the process uncovered a lot of old pottery pieces we had forgotten about… and we’re offering them for sale in the gallery for just £10 each.  Mostly they represent Mary Rose’s work for large Gift Companies who ordered original pieces to get mass produced in China. There are photo frames (with no backs), name mugs, one- off vases and candleholders, and loads more that don’t fit any category.  Some of the pieces are not Mary Rose originals…they would be the first “Inspection Copy” of a Mary Rose piece made by a Far East factory. But all of the pieces are utterly fascinating, little pieces of the Mary Rose jigsaw, and we are putting them all into the gallery from today….you should try to come and see

Mary Rose's Venice Exhibition

Mary Rose has found her visits to Venice very fruitful. She has drawn and coloured many of her framed pastels there and we’ve seen vivid representations of the colourful buildings of Burano, or of the canals, the bridges and even pigeons hanging here at her gallery here in Gloucestershire. But Mary Rose really wanted to show the Venetian art in Venice and her exhibition in the great “City of Water” starts tonight. It’s unlikely that many newsletter readers will get the chance to visit but wouldn’t it be great? Excitingly, it’s being held in a particularly intimate atmosphere… the bar near to Mary Rose’s regular apartment; Osteria da Filo, Santa Croce 1539, Venice 30135. April 16th – May 18th.

Happenin' Napkin

Not for the first time has Mary Rose made some napkin rings…. These new ones are in two shapes…. The small and slender “figural” rings are adorned with a rose and have an elegant gold and white design, while the broader “simple” ring is decorated with the new “Pastel Blooms” design but still has plenty of gold touches to enhance its elegance. Whichever you’d use may well depend upon the occasion, it’s probably safest to have both.

The Land of The Giants

Customers usually ask for smaller and smaller versions of striking pieces of Mary Rose’s vases and pots. There are “Tiny” vases, jugs, and pots and even “baby” versions of some. But this time one of our very favourite collector/customers has requested that she makes two of her beaded candlesticks in a Super Giant Version… and here they are. They radiate Mary Rose’s fairy tale atmosphere and would easily find center stage in any room that needs a regal focal point. You can see how big they are (24” high) standing next to the 12” high beaded candlesticks, the decoration is all lustres….silver, copper and mother of pearl. They are made to hold a 35mm diameter church candle.

From Our Swiss Correspondent

Basel is a city famous for its banking, its pharmaceuticals and its art. Mary Rose is represented there by a wonderful store “Schweitzer Heimatwerk” and they haven’t got her pieces tucked away on a bottom shelf in the basement… Oh No….this is their front window. They kindly sent this photograph over and it’s certainly a thrill. We can see Crown Handled Mugs, Egg Cups, Pasta Bowls, Espresso Cups and Saucers, Tiny Crown Pots and Beaded Candlesticks (the smaller variety!) Even though the city itself is in Switzerland, its suburbs are also in France and in Germany, so a day pass on their Public transport system (about £7) is almost as good as an Inter-Rail card!

New Pastel Blooms Design

Mary Rose’s fabulous flowerbed design always seems to come back into contention at this wonderful time of year. The appearance of daffodils, new green shoots and baby lambs seems to tweak some little switch in our brains to welcome flowers and bright spring colours on our clothes, and on our household decoration! Mary Rose has reinvented her Blooms design as “Pastel Blooms” where all of her new pastel shades are exclusively used to describe the kind of breathtaking floral display that we’re all so ready for. Here is a Medium Rose Edged serving Bowl.


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