Mary Rose and Phil will be Deep in the Heart of Texas next week at Wichita Falls, meeting anybody who’s signed up for Miks’ “Pottery Painting Party”. You will have the chance to join Mary Rose and paint one of her pieces yourself while she mingles with the group offering advice and perhaps a healing brush stroke as you decorate. Here’s an image of the vases on offer….Mary Rose has made and shipped a couple of boxes full together with pots of the ceramic colour….it will be a complete thrill.  I’m not sure quite how many other Great Artists have visited Texas, but there’s plenty of evidence of the state inspiring great art …..Van Gogh’s “Glass with Yellow Roses” is virtual proof of his love of Texas, while JMW Turner’s tribute to The Lone Star State was tactfully renamed “The Evening Star” to cover up his infatuation.

Heart Jewelled Pieces in early February?

Valentines Day is coming! You’ll soon find out just how much he/she really loves you…..  Mary Rose has raised the bar again and reinvented her jewelled range of pottery to incorporate hearts studded on the surface of mugs, vases and plates. The background is shimmering mother of pearl and the hearts themselves bleed achingly on that stark canvas…. It symbolises undying love AND you can eat and drink off it too, the perfect dual purpose! And if you compare it to other Valentines gifts candidates, like “Personalised Loving Penguins” or “Messages in a Bottle” I don’t think there’s much deciding needed. There will be a selection of these pieces available in the gallery from this Sunday 4th February.

Curiouser and Curiouser


Mary Rose’s Alice in Wonderland Tea Set appeared just before Christmas and went off to The Atlanta Show where it found many aficionados. Wonderland is of course the absolute ultimate in Tea Set themes and nobody could be better than Mary Rose at capturing the surrealistic capriciousness of Lewis Carroll’s creation. Mary Rose has, of course, been already attributed as making “Alice in Wonderland Pottery” many times, even without doing any white rabbits. So The Cheshire Cat, The Dormouse, The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter’s Hat, A Heart, and a Tea Party Teapot are all fashioned out of clay and sit wistfully in their appointed positions. The cups have her “Vintage Floral” design inside with a variety of Black and White combinations on their outside. The teapot is a glorious mixture of reds and blues with even more Wonderland motifs encrusting its rim… To be taken out when tis “Brillig” and you’ll find it cures your bout of “mimsy” well in time for High Tea.

The Heart Shaped Bowl

Another new creation for the New Year is this heart shaped bowl. The challenging shape means that this piece is, of course, not something Mary Rose has thrown on the wheel: she pressed this piece out of a lump of clay forming the edges more precisely as it dried. Her never-ending reservoir of humour and quaintness again feeds through into this piece which would sit just as appropriately in a little tree house in a Fairy Tale as it would on your window sill.   It’s about 6.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high and even has a heart shaped foot ring at the bottom.

And now… The Gallery

10 boxes of Mary Rose creations had a return trip to Atlanta this January for Exhibition at The Show there. They all arrived back just this week and have all been displayed in our gallery. All of the new pieces featured in this newsletter will be among them, and other new things too, like some rose footed bowls with a technicolour gold and leopard design inside, and a set of very bright posy vases. It’s worth just popping in for a browse

The Family Jewels

Here is a beautiful set of Jewelled Side Plates (23cm/9 inches) that Mary Rose used for a while as a display on her dining room dresser. They sparkle with colour and the ceramic jewels stand proud of the rim surrounded with gold hatching. There are 16 of them being added to our gallery stock today and they will be reduced in price to only £50 each.