Mary Rose Young November Newsletter


Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Show 

Tis the season of Joy … and there is no place on earth with such an undeniable sense of Joy as Mary Rose’s Gallery.  Even though all major retailers are spending a fortune trying to make their name synonymous with Christmas, Mary Rose Young simply IS “Glad Tidings” while John Lewis isn’t. The Christmas Show starts on November 25th (Saturday) and then continues 7 days a week up until Friday December 22nd at 5pm. The workshop has now moved over to creating tempting little pieces which will become wonderful treasured presents, enabling you to make your dearest ones’ dreams come true.  Here you can see Mary Rose and Nicola, Natasha and Cerys merrily working away, and a selection of the, as yet un-decorated, pieces that have been made for the show. Do come and visit us, the gallery will look fabulous and there will be another little “Show Preview” Newsletter next week…As a special Christmas incentive we offer free parking yo ho ho


The Lion in Winter

 This wonderful lion’s head has been made by Mary Rose over the last few weeks as a private order for a local customer. It was not intended as a homage to the UK’s National Emblem, no this customer is an aficionado of Ancient Greece and is naming the piece “Leonidas” after the great King of Sparta who stood, impossibly outnumbered, against The Persians at Thermopylae for 7 days, as faithfully portrayed in the movie “300”. In fact he was only defeated when betrayed by one of his own and was eventually left trying to fight the Persians with only a force of Thespians… I wouldn’t like to take my chances fighting with the help of a group of people I’d met at the theatre! We’ve seen Mary Rose’s multimedia skills with her prints and pots, and now we find out that, without having ever told anybody, she’s also a completely brilliant sculptor. The lion must radiate regality for this commission and her ability to make this happen is striking. The mane, made up of medusa like clay strands, is a wonderfully tactile addition and the roses studded into it soften the edges making this a very benign beast with a just the hint of a drug habit


The Two Plates of Christmas

On Christmas Eve your house will be visited by a bearded man who travels the world in a specially designed non CO2 burning vehicle… he’ll deliver a large quantity of presents and all you have to leave him is a few biscuits and a carrot. I think the least you can do is make a bit of an effort with the plate you leave them on…. And Mary Rose has one helpful suggestion….these “Santa’s Cookies” plates. Mary Rose’s workshop is almost as creative as Santa’s and he may find some inspiration in the upbeat flair and curves of her plates and in the fanfare of letters on the plate. She has also made plates with the extremely popular Candy Canes design, these plates marking a slight departure from the hitherto seen mugs and teapot, as they have a two tone colourful background with swirling mother of pearl bringing the colours to life


The Great Mary Rose Bake Off

Rebecca Webb and her friend Larissa Lingham are fairly local to our pottery and are starting off on the somewhat challenging process of beginning a Wedding Cake Business… The “Wye Valley Cakery” They visited us a few weeks ago saying they were entering an International Wedding Cake Competition in Birmingham and would like to submit a cake inspired by the work of Mary Rose Young! In the absence of too many other commitments in the world of wedding cakes Mary Rose said “Great Idea” and only about 4 or 5 weeks later we received this amazing picture. Rebecca and Larissa had been awarded a “Merit” in the competition for “Wedding Cake of Three or More Tiers”. It really is a Tour de Force or even “an assemblage” of all Mary Rose’s most striking motifs and themes, with the Happy Couple enjoying their traditional wedding dance under a Mary Rose Chandelier at the bottom. If I was a judge I think it would have done even better…. If you’re getting married next month why not get in touch


You traded me for The Gaiety of the Well to do…

Mary Rose has made another chandelier last week. This time it wasn’t a tea-set but little multiflower edged tea bowls surrounding a grand crown topped centre. It is perhaps unusual to see the 6 light holders all carrying the same zebra design although not the first time by any means, as a crown chandelier always has matching crowns. This particular beauty is in celebration of a 45th wedding anniversary… a monument to dedication, love and dynasty. The symbol for 45 years that is handed down to us by the “Anniversary Committee” is Sapphire and I think that the twinkling lights of a Mary Rose chandelier are every bit an artistic interpretation of the appeal of Sparkling Sapphires…very apt, and in the furtherance of optimistic positive spin….here’s to the next 45 years!


A Heart Footed Bowl

You may find pictures of things that might make excellent presents useful at this time of year…. although some of our newsletter readers will actually have half a mind on Valentines Day already. This Heart Footed bowl is one of Mary Rose’s “Forgotten Pieces” made originally a few years ago but, after having sold the couple that she’d made, it disappeared into the subconscious memory until now. It’s similar to a rose footed bowl but sits on 3 curved hearts that have been cut out and shaped skilfully to create a form that complements the demands of the bowl itself. The fact that there are 3 hearts is simply for stability… it does not infer some kind of love triangle!