Autumn Sunday Closing

As you know Mary Rose’s Gallery usually opens Monday to Fridays and also Sundays. We have decided to take an Autumn Break and we will not open for 6 Sundays from Sunday 15th October until we start the Christmas Show on Saturday 25th November…that means this coming Sunday is the last Sunday for a little while. After Christmas normal service will resume as far as Sunday opening is concerned.



   The Candy Canes Lady Can

When the pictures of Candy Canes mugs appeared one of our much loved customers requested a Candy Cane Teapot to go with them…. And here it is in all its glory! In comparison to some Christmas motifs the Candy Canes seem like a more versatile pattern to me. They're fun, playful and colourful… I think I’d quite happily use it any day of the year. Apparently the original Candy Canes were invented 400 years ago by the Head of Cologne Cathedral, not for any poignant religious reason, but to keep the children quiet!


Mary Rose’s Multimedia Exhibition

The Taurus Show is now over and the exhibition will return to Oak House for a little while. I will be contacting other galleries and the collection may well yet be exhibited elsewhere, but for the moment you will be able to come and see the pots and prints in our “Pink Gallery”... the exhibition room opposite the main gallery. We will attempt to display each pot within identifying distance of its 2 dimensional counterpart and I really do think that you will love the experience. Mary Rose’s tour around Forest of Dean locations strikes a truly resounding chord with anybody who’s been around here for more than a couple of days. Incidentally if you have a gallery…get in touch! I would say that the exhibition will be ready to view by next Friday 13th October..... Oooh Friday the Thirteenth



A Baby’s Heart Dish

One of the most perfect commemorative pieces we’ve ever spawned! This beautiful little dish was ordered by two local private customers in honour of the birth of their baby Pippa. The tiny hand print is set into the clay in “counter relief” with striking detail of the hand itself. To do this the baby’s hand was not pressed into the clay…. No the customers came prepared with a plastercast they’d already had made enabling a really good depth to be achieved. The studded roses are “gold flecked” and the colour iridescent pink with a gold inscription. There were seven made as gifts for the Godparents.



The Exhibition Celebration

Friday September 1st was the preview night of Mary Rose’s multimedia show at Taurus Crafts. The atmosphere on any kind of Opening Night is always one of excitement but the wonderful organization of Taurus Crafts made sure that this one was very special indeed. I managed to persuade Hello magazine to let me have a couple of photos but sadly not the ones with Imelda Marcos and Zsa Zsa Gabor in them…however they did say The Mayor of Lydney’s in there somewhere.


      Are You Hanging Out Your Stockings

We don’t like to get too immersed in Christmas quite yet thank you…. Not with Halloween and Bonfire Night in the offing. But here at the pottery there's no choice....there are Christmas Trees all around us as shops and galleries that we sell to begin collecting the displays that they’ll be making soon. In this picture are 3 types and sizes...the large Christmas Tree with Candleholders seen before in this newsletter, two Medium Trees with rose designs and four little Christmas Trees with Christmas Baubles and a Golden Star. 



        Encrusted Baby Heart Vases

The Baby Heart vase has had quite a meteoric career since it’s first appearance a few years ago. There isn’t really a great deal of space on it for Mary Rose’s magical designs to flourish, but patterns like stripes or dots usually contrast with an entirely different colour scheme on the base, and combined with the exquisite shape and “feel” of the piece makes a perfect “heart” felt gift.  One decorating rose was the original style but last week Mary Rose made her first “Encrusted” Baby Heart vases.