The Midsummer Pig Draw

We will be having Midsummer Prize Draw here at the gallery. To take part you must pop in, fill out a ticket and post it in the box… no purchase necessary! The prize is to be this Salt Pig… a “pig” is simply an old northern word for Earthenware Vessel or ”Pot”. It has a Yellow Gold New Rose Design, stands about 8 inches high and would probably fit into your kitchen quite well. The prize draw starts this Friday, continues through the weekend (we will be open only on Sunday 25th) and then the whole of next week and Sunday 2nd July when it closes at 5pm. The winner will be announced the following day Monday 3rd July. Shakespeare wrote “Some men there are love not a gaping pigbut I think most girls might

Venice in May

Mary Rose went and stayed in Aunt Antonia’s house in Santa Croce a few weeks ago and took advantage of her picturesque location to capture the Venetian atmosphere in pastels just as so many artists before her. She started working on a depiction of The Gesuati Church and amongst all the passers by was observed by 2 men making their way through a bottle of wine, one of whom proceeded to buy the picture straight out of her sketch book. Here he is, completely unaffected by 35cl of wine, with the picture… and here too are 2 more of the tableaux she created. She’s working particularly hard at the moment to make a collection for the autumn when there will be an exhibition at local gallery Taurus Crafts, and hopefully somewhere else too… we are open to offers.

Oxford in June

This isn’t Oxford in the UK…. Oxford Mississippi is home to Oxford Floral, one of the greatest ever Mary Rose Young Stockists. They had a Mary Rose Party last weekend and sent me this glorious image of a place setting with vase. David Naron, the co-proprietor, is just as much an artist as those he stocks in his store with his wonderful flower arrangements. He has to drive 80 miles to Memphis Airport to collect his precious delicate blooms before he can even start work, and if you’re anywhere in that sector of the world you must go and see. Interestingly Oxford is very famous for its University but it doesn’t have a second university called Brooks.

Atlanta in July

The Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings Market starts around July 11th…. Our booth will open for 5 days from July 13th and even though next month’s newsletter will feature more of a preview, it’s going to be a great opportunity for anybody in “The New World” to see a snapshot of Mary Rose’s latest work, laced with her Christmassy pieces. The display will include Christmas Tree vases, Elf Egg Cups, Candy Cane Mugs and whatever else might come to mind. You may think this is hardly the time to be even mentioning the X word, but at that market we are selling to stores and galleries and they have to blot out the heat of the summer and think ahead.

Rainbow Leopard

It seems strange now that Mary Rose’s original leopard design was actually the same colour as a real leopard. She’s since created pink, blue, green and black and white leopard, but now we have another beautiful new version…. Rainbow Leopard. In this design all the rainbow spots are different colours and I suppose you could argue that if the species had made their habitat a more multicoloured environment than the shade of a jungle, this may even be how they would have evolved. You can see the vase here and the dish here

The Austin Seven Club

We were visited in May by a wonderful gang of ladies who were all driving Austin Sevens. You do sometimes pass a group of old cars or scooters all driving together on the roads, but the sight of several of these beautiful old cars parked just outside on your familiar old drive does make you wonder if you haven’t somehow time travelled into The Great Gatsby. We did also marvel about the added value of all these wondrous jalopies but the ladies told us that it was their husbands who owned the really expensive cars and that they’d had to console themselves with these much cheaper little run-arounds. They all seem to have such fun, I believe they have a website here.