It's The Strawberry Time of Year

Mary Rose Young has a beautiful new Strawberry collection… In her typical style little strawberries spread themselves over the surface of her teapots, jugs and bowls while others adorn the handles of cups or act as a knob on the top of teapots or other lids. A strawberry is a very upbeat fruit heralding, as it does, the start of summer and all things lazy and sun-kissed and is a perfect candidate for this artist's hands to form and adorn. We have a few pieces already online... and thus far the backgrounds Mary Rose has decorated are either pink dots, a lemony cream or these lemon and pink stripes. There is also a “painted” strawberry design without the 3D strawberries you can see here


We have a new version of our Tourism Leaflet. After several people had complained of spending hours circling around the Forest of Dean roads and finding no help whatsoever from the maps we had provided, that part has been “redesigned”. We are in one of those areas where there is absolutely no mobile phone signal… areas which, according bubbly salespeople at companies like Vodaphone, simply don’t exist....  if you rely upon a Navigation Device you’ll enter the equivalent of A Black Hole when you’re getting near! Anyway it’s just a general refreshing of the publication with a liberal sprinkling of Mary Rose’s “Multiflowers” dotted around. You can see the whole thing online or contact me if you’d like any copies.


Invitation to take Strawberries and Cream in the Gallery at Whitsun and a Free Prize Draw

To celebrate the new Strawberry design we invite everybody to come to the gallery on Whit Monday 30th May (11am-5pm) or the rest of Whit week until Friday (30.5 – 3.6) to try eating some Strawberries and Cream from the new Strawberry Bowls. There won’t be any international tennis to watch but there will of course be even more strawberry pieces untouched by use available for sale.

We will also be having our Whitsun Raffle where one of her Strawberry Bowls will be offered to the first name pulled out of the hat. All you have to do is pop into the gallery (no expenditure necessary!), fill in one of the draw tickets and post it in the box. Draw runs Sunday 29th May to Sunday 5th June. Results announced on Tuesday 7th June. Don’t forget the one hour Forest Loop Walk you can take from the pottery details here


The Biggest Chandelier Imaginable

Mary Rose Young is making a Giant Chandelier with a span of 1.8m. Her Alice in Wonderland Chandeliers are probably already familiar to readers of this newsletter but not quite of that magnitude. The latest piece is for a beautiful new home being created in Somerset and will have no less than 12 “stations”. To try and limit the weight of the piece the ceramic beads will be hollow while the bulb holders will be crowns and the giant central “pot” will be studded with crowns….this picture is of the frame. There are some photos of Mary Rose making the various components this week assembled into a PDF… do have a look because it brings to life the remarkable amount of skill and sheer hard work she wields in making her wonderful art…. It is available here.