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Mary Rose Young has a new collection of ceramic pieces that pay homage to the magic of Christmas. Her style has often been dubbed “joyous” and “whimsical” so who better to transmit the sheer delight of this festive season than her? Her Christmas exhibition is now open and everybody is invited to come.  There are a variety of stunning ceramic Christmas Trees that shine with jewels and gold highlights and mother of pearl, there are mugs and plates decorated with red and white striped candy canes of the kind you can’t cave in and devour! There are also mugs with Robins perched on the handles and, of course, plenty of delicious “all year round” jugs and vases and pots which would dispel that annoying tense feeling you have when you know you’ve still got to think of a really good present. But it’s worth just coming to see only. Her gallery is open 7 days a week until Friday December 22nd: a warm welcome is guaranteed.


Mary Rose invites you to her Mad Hatters Tea Party where you can drink complimentary tea or coffee from her sumptuous crockery while enjoying the sheer joy of the pottery displayed in her gallery. You don’t have to be MAD to come but you might be a little madder when you leave!! 


There is a large clothes store just outside Ross on Wye called “Labels”…it’s like a mega-store really, you can get lost in amongst the rows and rows of tempting tunics and tights! Under their inspiring manager Agnieszka they are boldly making themselves more of avaried destination and one of the newest initiatives is a Craft Area. And yes you guessed what I’m working my way around to here… I don’t even need to say it. Just make sure you go and have a look if you find yourself on that roundabout on the A40….it’s a lovely Mary Rose display in there on this specially prepared Welsh Dresser


Forest Sensory Services is a local charity that provides help and support for those suffering sight or hearing loss. Its logo is a very big eyed Owl. People with these conditions (like me!) can walk in and do Cookery courses, a Book Club, Balance Classes and loads more. Apparently charities like this one are having a particularly tough time getting their money in at the moment because one big funding source has been from Trusts that people have left…. It’s the interest from a Trust that is usually “willed” to charity, but the current level of interest rates has virtually switched that tap off. Mary Rose is helping with the FSS’ last ditch funding drive by making a limited edition batch of this Owl Dish. You can get it here…. 40% of any money we get from our sales will go straight to the charity.


Mary Rose Young is making a Giant Chandelier with a span of 1.8m. Her Alice in Wonderland Chandeliers are probably already familiar to readers of this newsletter but not quite of that magnitude. The latest piece is for a beautiful new home being created in Somerset and will have no less than 12 “stations”. To try and limit the weight of the piece the ceramic beads will be hollow while the bulb holders will be crowns and the giant central “pot” will be studded with crowns….this picture is of the frame. There are some photos of Mary Rose making the various components this week assembled into a PDF… do have a look because it brings to life the remarkable amount of skill and sheer hard work she wields in making her wonderful art…. It is available here.


Mary Rose Young has a beautiful new Strawberry collection… In her typical style little strawberries spread themselves over the surface of her teapots, jugs and bowls while others adorn the handles of cups or act as a knob on the top of teapots or other lids. A strawberry is a very upbeat fruit heralding, as it does, the start of summer and all things lazy and sun-kissed and is a perfect candidate for this artists’ hands to form and adorn. We have a few pieces already in the "online shop" on this website ... and thus far the backgrounds Mary Rose has decorated are either pink dots or a lemony cream. 


This wonderful piece was a special order Mary Rose fulfilled “to the max” It’s a lidded jar about 18 inches high with an Eastern shape based on large Tea Caddies that she saw at Tearoom & Teekult in Switzerland. It has a kind of a landscape design with little sections of sky and sea at the bottom which reminds one of medieval paintings…the houses are “built on”. Of course when tea originally arrived in Britain it was drunk black and bitter and was kept locked away because it was thought to be a pretty decent drug… indeed we started tea growing in India because the Chinese kept making us buy Opium at the same time…. So an ornate jar is very apt for such a prized commodity.



We are making a 3 station chandelier for the gallery…. It will be ready and hanging for next weekend Valentines Day…. Just in case you’ve ever admired the big chandelier but decided that it’s all a bit too much, come on down. If however you’ve decided that the big chandelier isn’t quite enough, ha ha, in about 4 weeks time we’ll also have a spectacular 9 station chandelier


Tiles don’t happen that often in Mary Rose’s pottery studio. But everytime they do we always think “We must get a picture this time!” Well inevitably this batch slipped through while I was away in Atlanta but luckily Natasha got her phone out and so Here Are The Tiles! If you’re thinking of ripping your kitchen or your bathroom apart, don’t forget we can make them. In fact I was talking to Toria the other day and we both agreed how nice it is to put a Mary Rose tile next to a plain white one


You may remember about 2 years ago we had a very nice selection of Cards… as in “the cards you put in an envelope and send to somebody when you’re feeling a bit guilty about not having given them enough attention.” The great news is we have a new set, they’re in the gallery now AND available online AND for shops to buy. There are about 12 different, some with Mary Rose’s flowers in a vase pictures, one or two with Italian scenes, some filled right to the edge with a surface design like berries or roses, and then one or two newer “paintings” of hers like the chair (very Vincent!)


We are going to exhibit at a new Gift Show! This time we have picked out Switzerland where they have a 3 day show called Ornaris from Sunday January 19th to Tuesday 21st. We have quite a promising looking stand in Hall 6, and Mary Rose and Phil will be there surrounded with colourful pottery and praying that everybody in Zurich speaks faultless English just like they always seem to in Hollywood movies. 


Here in Gloucestershire we have a BBC local radio station all of our own and we should listen to it more. Pete Wilson is one of the presenters and he uncovers “characters and communities that make Gloucestershire great”…. he must sometimes sit there wondering “who on earth can I interview next”! Anyway he did a really good interview with Mary Rose and the show goes out on Sunday 13th December at 12noon but it’ll also be available on the BBC Glos website for a while after that...I will put the link to the show up once it's there



This Christmas sees the unveiling of a new model of ... “The Table”…. The legs are the same style, but the table top (which was glass) has become colourful and deliciously extrovert…it's plywood with holes in the sides through which twinkling lights shine... it’s now finished and on display and for sale at £5000. Johnny Depp will right now be appealing to Walt Disney pictures to make a sequel to Alice in Wonderland because now and only now has the quintessential Mad Hatter Tea Party Table surfaced in The Forest of Dean! 


Mary Rose Young Christmas Show 2015 “Joyful and Triumphant”

Santa’s Elves have repeatedly failed to make Mary Rose’s unique pieces of pottery, so yet again Mary Rose is having to do it herself with her team “The Potting Pals” This year’s most popular new design has been “Pale Roses” (as seen on these cups and saucers) and there’s going to be a breathtaking selection of those, also she has a new design called Vintage Rose which is virtually premiering at this exhibition. Also there’ll be many other tempting pieces suitable for a wonderful little heartfelt gift for one of those names on your list, or even just for yourself…. Why not?

We will open the gallery every day from Saturday November 28th until Wednesday December 23rd, 9am-5pm weekdays and 11am-5pm weekends. Come and Adore!


We exhibited for 5 days and met the most amazing number of people. This design was much admired and we weren't expecting it to be so deserves a picture and a mention. These are a small heart vase and 2 noodle bowls and they are decorated with poppies and stark black and white designs... "Black and White Poppy"!!


You can download the new catalogues now from our website…. see "catalogues" tab above… most of the pictures are new styles but there are some faithful old friends that haven’t changed. COMPETITION: If you do see the catalogues, identify the piece or group of pieces that you think is theoldest design… the piece(s) that could have looked exactly the same in her catalogue 25 years ago. Email your answer to the winner will receive this lemony gold blooms rose saucer YES no matter where you are in the world! Closing date next Monday 14th September


The last few months have seen the emergence of the “Pink Roses”design which then evolved to have a Blue Roses counterpart and finally Mint and Lilac cousins which all ended up being a nice family of “Pale Roses”…. Well whatever next??… Mary Rose has been experimenting with putting all the 4 new roses together on a white iridescent background and here we have the very first pieces of the Mixed Pale Roses design… aSalad Bowl and a Large Rose Saucer. As a literary reference there's an interesting nineteenth Century poet called Ernest Dowson who wrote “Short summer time and then, my heart’s desire, The Winter and the Darkness, one by one. The roses fall, the Pale Roses expire beneath the slow decadence of the sun.” As the summer begins to wane here in the Northern Hemisphere his words make “Pale Roses” seem perfectly autumnal.


Sunday 24th and Monday 25th May 11am-5pm

Give your Bank Holiday weekend The Great Gatsby touch! Visitors to Mary Rose Young’s gallery on Sunday or Monday will be offered a delicious summer punch served in Mary Rose’s goblets and decanted from one of her Punch Bowls.  Either sit in the gallery or, if the summer heat comes, outside on the grass. There is of course an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic option… you may fancy both…. There’ll be a “Fruity Pimms Cocktail” and an “Orange and Cranberry Spritz”. So come and road test Mary Rose’s goblets for a good summer drinking...there is no charge for the drinks… There’ll be loads of other things to tempt you here too of course.


There are a few quite spectacular “Larger Scale” pieces that have been sitting in the gallery with a high price ticket for a while now. They’ve faithfully represented us at exhibitions and in photograph shoots and we would like to replace them with new versions. We think that a nice way of finding them a new home would be an auction… the buyer may end up getting a beautiful bargain and we think it’ll be fun.

The Auction Catalogue is available to see at
We hope to be able to receive bids from anybody interested who can't be here probably through Facebook messenger. If you would like to register your interest to take part in the auction live please email me 


Sunday May 3rd and Bank Holiday Monday May 4th 11am-5pm

Spring and the Bluebells are here in the Forest of Dean and Mary Rose Young is building an exciting outdoor Alice in Wonderland exhibit for the Bank Holiday weekend. All I can tell you is that it will involve a teapot! Gathered around the exhibit will be you!!...Come and take part in the merriment because we will offer all visitors “Tea and Cake on the Grass” both will be served from Mary Rose’s irresistible crockery which if you’ve never drunk tea from is a treat in store. The gallery will of course be open and boasts a beautiful teapot exhibition to further “infuse” you with Anteacipation! You can’t afford to miss out… in fact you don’t need to afford anything because the tea will be free. You’ll also get the chance to finish the famous Mad Hatter’s unanswered riddle.



The gallery is looking particularly Spring Like this week because the brush has been splashing! Here’s the dresser that was dark blue for as long as I can remember now reborn in a lovely lime green with darker green “smearing”. We also did our version of a “stock take” and realized that we have been selling all the pieces with stripes and dots faster than anything else, so we now finally have a new batch of delicious Mary Rose stripy pieces taking pride of place.


A recent order from Mississippi particularly requested some of Mary Rose’s old style goblets and it’s good to see them again.I have always thought that this piece is very “Arabian Nights” and that a goblet would appear in a sultan’s right hand in a picture of some exotic feast, or even peeping out of a treasure chest discovered by Ali Baba.


Mary Rose was recently asked to make another cat sculpture ...and here it is... Mary Rose would have made a brilliant sculptor too. The cat has all the right energy in its legs and the way it’s stretching forward to sniff the air is so redolent of the real thing that you just want to go “Ahhhhhh” This little tiger-ish feline goes by the name of Lilly and the photo also shows just what a great Spring this is!!



Mary Rose’s gold and white designs have been put into practice on some new bone china dinnerware! Her hand painted style is particularly striking on these pieces that are usually so precise looking, maybe it harks back to the earliest china when everything really was still hand decorated. She is using bone china plates made in Stoke of Trent and painting the 24 carat gold straight onto them. There’s quite a range ... a couple of rose designs, leaves, daisies, and these “zig zags” There are pictures of the other designs at Also plates in our website shop


Mary Rose’s painting parties in Texas were not followed by an immediate flight home…. She went to experience New Orleans at the tail end of Mardi Gras and rented a house in Burgundy Street for a week. Here she is with Phil on a day trip to the swamps… a day that was most notable for the apparent eerie similarity between their guide and Adam Sandler ... and here is this doppelganger brandishing a baby alligator. Everybody on the boat thought it was Adam Sandler… the fact this photograph only looks ”a little” like the great comedy actor is a gentle reminder of how looks are always surprisingly subordinate to body language.


Mary Rose has been approached by an exciting martini glass company with a view to getting some of her designs manufactured on a new range of glassware. So she’s been experimenting with the paint brush… we have some glass painting colours, we have the kiln set up to fire glasses, and the results are beginning to trickle through…. and much to nobody’s surprise they look very beautiful. Mary Rose likes the swirly stripes design because it’s “in tune” with the style and the shape and looks interesting as you look through to the other side. I also like the 2 with the gold rim, which are a kind of rosebush and confetti. We will have some examples in the gallery at Easter for sale just in case you’re liking the idea of  having the most eye-catching glass of wine in your “hood” More pictures here


Easter weekend is coming and this year Mary Rose has decorated some wonderful ceramic Easter Egg gift boxes. They’re almost 6 inches long and can be seen here peeping out of a bracken “nest” ... there’s also a jewelled one on the way… it’ll be time for The Fabergé Egg Machine to step aside!! Also we will have another Easter Draw competition with the prize being this Lady Gaga Cup and Saucer. All you need to do is visit Mary Rose's gallery between Easter Sunday and Friday 10th April, fill out a competition entry, post it in the box and wait for the not impossible winning email…. You do not need to purchase anything to enter. We will be open on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday 11am-5pm


This lidded pot made an appearance in a summer newsletter. It’s a Large Rose Encrusted Powder Box and was originally commissioned by our dear friend Julie Milner. One of our Texan customers requested this design and it seemed like such a lovely looking piece that I thought I’d include it. Now come on doesn’t it just scream“Christmas Present”??


After appearing on a crown cup and saucer on a previous Newsletter, the Pink Roses on White design has been quite a success…. Everybody wants it from Texas to the Tyrol!! Here are a couple of other manifestations on crown mugs and dinner plates… aren’t they great?


Are you still staring at Microsoft's generic pictures of the countryside or castles on the desktop of your PC??? Well if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 and you'd like to see how some carefully selected Mary Rose Young photos would look in their place, click here and the theme should just  install itself..Email us if you have problems.


The crown vase made a brief appearance a couple of years ago until we sold out and promptly proceeded to forget all about them. Until, that is, a customer in America emailed a picture requesting one, then that picture was placed on the website, and suddenly lots of requests came raining in. The result is that crown vases are officially “in vogue” and Mary Rose has gone back to work reinventing them and there are now 3 sizes and all kinds of new developments as you can see here ….


In last month’s newsletter we heard how the San Antonio’s Museum of Art has ordered some Mary Rose pieces to complement their Matisse Exhibition. Now Mary Rose herself has professed her admiration for the great French artist in the most complementary fashion; she has a new design inspired by him “Matisse Dots”. Examining his body of work, one would perhaps say that the design is an homage to his later work… it features little cut out flowers and motifs in bright summery colours surrounded with little dots.


The winner was drawn yesterday and the prize goes to Richard Collins. Many thanks to everybody who entered and sorry if it wasn't you.


Mary Rose has extended the flourishing bunting design onto mugs and the celebration is going on for all to see. The flags seem to be wavering in an imaginary breeze and the dots inside look like the firework display. In Baseball a “Bunt” is when the batter just “stops” the ball with the aim of simply scampering to first base. “Bunting Mugs” in that context would not be recommended by our Customer Service Department.


Alex Pownall and Julia Gregson have collaborated on this exciting new book. It explores the lives of 21 inspirational women who live on the Borders, meaning in this case the South Wales/English border around the Wye Valley. Mary Rose Young was honoured to be one of the 21 and the book features a great 8 page entry detailing her history and daily routine. Here’s the Amazon link


Just at the appropriate time of year we have 2 new variations of egg cup. One is Mary Rose’s well known “leggy” Egg Cup but painted to look like the bottom half of “Alice in Wonderland” herself…. Even though many people have drawn comparisons with Mary Rose’s work and Lewis Carrol’s Fantasy World this is probably the first time there has been any tangible link. The Crown egg cups are like the existing crown candleholder but with an egg cup fixed into the candle area making an extremely useable piece that would make anybody feel and look like Royalty at the breakfast table. One of them is carrying an egg that's rather a long time past its sell by date!


We have some exquisite new photos of the latest designs... these are 2. if you're doing any publicity and need images just email me (contact us page) and we'll make them available


The new Bunting design is all about feeling festive. Last autumn it had a "nautical" look with the little flags in the guise of the old signalling system between ships. But this year the flags are out for a party...on dry land


All of Mary Rose’s new designs that were featured in the last newsletter found their way safely out of the kiln and are not “artist’s impressions” any longer! The one design that didn’t get a mention in December was the “Lemon and Gold Blooms” design. It’s been evolving since the summer and does not feature a great deal of colour at all, but that of course gives Mary Rose’s beautiful shapes a chance to get some appreciation. The one colour is lemon and then it’s all about an interplay between the lemon the gold and the creamy colour of the clay itself.


Well the exhibition in Paris happened and of course, it was wonderful. The star of the stand was Mary Rose's new "Coffee Table". It's smaller and lower than her previous glass topped table and the wooden top gave Mary Rose the opportunity to consider possibly painting something on the table top? And she did this flamboyant florescent pink rose design. It's on the website.


Somewhere in Texas lives a cat named Louis with a very loving owner! Mary Rose was asked to try her sculptural skills in order to create this homage to feline companionship and, we hope, she didn’t disappoint. Louis stands gloriously decorated with marmalade stripes atop a grassy mound, there's something in the prick of his ears and the lifting of his feet that suggests he's ready to play.